Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD)

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Across the world CRS is helping to address urgent needs for the most vulnerable and your Qualified Charitable Distribution from an IRA can do more to help those who suffer. A QCD from your traditional or Roth IRA directly to CRS supports our life-giving work and avoids increasing your taxable income.

You can make a QCD gift if:

  • You are over 70½.
  • You transfer funds directly from a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA, and your IRA gifts for a given tax year total $105,000 or less.
  • You transfer the gift outright to one or more public charities such as Catholic Relief Services, but not to supporting organizations, donor advised funds, charitable trusts or gift annuities.

If you are ready to make a QCD there are three easy ways:

  1. Make a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) to CRS from your individual retirement account (IRA) using our secure online platform.
  2. Complete the form your IRA Custodian has and use CRS' Tax ID number 13-5563422.
  3. If your custodian has provided checks to use for your IRA distributions, make the check payable to "Catholic Relief Services" and note "Qualified Charitable Distribution" in the memo line.

    • Remember, the tax benefits of an IRA Rollover will not apply if you make the distribution check out to your name and then donate that amount to charity. To qualify as a "QCD" it must come directly from your account to CRS.
    • If your administrator provides you an IRA checkbook, please note that the date of your QCD is NOT the date you send the distribution check, but the date that your IRA administrator transfers the funds to the charity. If you want your distribution check to be credited toward the current tax year, it is critical that you mail your check several weeks before the end of the year to ensure there is time for the check to be received by CRS and to clear your account. This is especially true if you are relying on those gifts to fulfill your required minimum distribution.
  4. Send your QCD check to: Catholic Relief Services, PO Box 5200, Harlan, IA 51593-0700

  5. Please note that QCDs can only be made from traditional and Roth IRA account. 401(k), 403(b), SEP and SIMPLE plans do no qualify for the QCD gift option.                             

Remember to consult with your tax planner or financial advisor before making any decisions regarding your IRA account.