Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund is a charitable giving program managed by a nonprofit institution—known as a sponsoring organization—and created for the purpose of managing charitable gifts on behalf of donors.

  • You contribute assets such as cash, stocks, or bonds to a donor advised fund established in your name and managed by a sponsoring organization.
  • The sponsoring organization reinvests your gift as you direct.
  • The sponsoring organization makes distributions from your fund to charities you recommend, such as Catholic Relief Services.  

If you have a donor advised fund and your sponsoring organization participates in DAF Direct, making a recommendation is as easy as completing the form below:



If your donor advised fund is not part of DAF Direct, you may contact them directly and recommend a donation in support of our work.  You will need to provide the sponsoring organization with CRS' legal name, address and tax ID:

Catholic Relief Services – USCCB
228 West Lexington Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201-3443
Federal Tax ID: 13-5563422


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