For Attorneys and Executors

Establishing CRS as a Beneficiary:

Catholic Relief Services is exempt from Federal income tax and is classified as

a 501(c)(3) organization. 

The agency’s legal name and address or use in a will or trust is:

Catholic Relief Services – USCCB*

228 West Lexington Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21201-3443

*USCCB is the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

CRS’s federal Tax Identification number is:


For gift administration

When notifying CRS of the passing of a donor, please provide the following:

  • Date of Death
  • Copy of the will, trust, or governing documents.
  • Last state of residence for the deceased at time of death (if not included in accompanying court documents)


Questions? Concerns? We're here to help:

Planned Giving Team
[email protected]
800-235-2772 at prompt, select option for Planned Giving