The Revenue through Cotton Livelihoods Trade and Equity (RECOLTE) $11.8 million organic cotton promotion project runs from 2013-2018 and serves 10,000 beneficiaries directly and 50,000 indirectly.

4 Ways to Use the CRS Gift of Hope Catalog

Photo by Sam Phelps for CRS

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The gifts in the CRS Gift of Hope catalog save, protect and transform the lives of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters around the world. They represent just some of the life-changing work CRS does to help families and communities overseas.

How can you give hope to those in need?

Here are four ideas to share with your family and friends, parish or school group!

  1. Send a card and celebrate a special occasion: Give a gift from the catalog on behalf of a loved one, and CRS will mail or email them a custom card recognizing your special gift. If you order online at, you can choose which card to send—and include a personalized message.

    Perfect for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries—and all special occasions!

  2. Decorate a Gift of Hope Tree: Decorate a Christmas tree with printable ornaments—each ornament features a gift from the CRS Gift of Hope catalog. During Advent, ask your family and friends to take an ornament and donate the featured item to CRS. Download printable ornaments and learn more here (see also the Gift of Hope Tree Facilitator's Guide). The Gift of Hope Tree is also available in Spanish—learn more here.

    Perfect for grade school students and their families—at home, in their parish or at school!

  3. Build an Ark of Hope: Children and families can raise money to buy animals from the CRS Gift of Hope catalog. Like the story of Noah’s Ark, you can use the animals to fill your ark. Build your ark at home or school by coloring pictures of each animal you’ve added to the ark! Find lesson plans, a prayer service, coloring pages and a bulletin-board ark here.

    Perfect for young children—at home, in their parish or at school!

  4. Fundraise as a group: Your church, school, or family and friends can work together to raise money to buy one larger item from the catalog—like a cow, community watering station or a tricycle ambulance. Choose an item and decide how to fundraise—and make it fun by hosting a bake sale, a 5K run, or other community-building activity. Learn more and create a community fundraising page here.

    Perfect for clubs, parishes and schools!