Your Top 3 Favorite CRS Pages

Photo by JIm Stipe/CRS

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We have a success story we don’t tell enough. It can be found in the top three most sought after, visited, read and downloaded items in the CRS website. One in particular will make you feel extra good.

Maybe the most obvious, to say nothing of critically important, are our donations pages. As a category, they get more attention—thank you!—than any other web content we publish.

Frankly, you would expect those pages to be both popular and intensely promoted on the site of an organization whose work depends on charitable contributions. Still, it’s no small thing to say our website daily bears witness to the generosity of supporters like you who want to ensure the best possible service is given to the most vulnerable people in the world.

Less likely—but unsurprising if you think about it—is our careers section, consistently one of the most visited categories of content on our site. Less visible to our visitors, though, is the quality of candidate we attract.

You, our bishops, our pope and our Church demand a high level of ability and commitment from those who would accept the privilege of serving the poor. The “least” among us deserve uncommon expertise and competence. So our employment requirements and our reputation attract some of the best minds, hearts and souls in the humanitarian field.

Both donation and careers pages makes sense as popular destinations. But there’s another category of web content that we believe makes all the other sections happen. It ensures all the best results we experience, and makes all the day-to-day successes possible. It’s a category you won’t find on many charitable sites, but one you apparently find invaluable on ours.


If our donation and careers pages draw generosity and expertise, then our prayer pages are the most obvious reason why.

To paraphrase Proverbs 16:9, we plan, we strategize, we work; but it is God who determines results.

When you pray for the people we serve, and when you pray for us as servants of God and the Church, you do us the greatest possible service.

On behalf of all of us, and the 107 million people we reach around the world, thank you for keeping us in your prayers. They make all our success stories possible.