A Year of Climate Change with CRS

Photo by Petterik Wiggers for CRS

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This year, nearly 200 countries pledged their support in the fight against global warming. One of the goals of the Paris Agreement is to stengthen the ability of countries to deal with the impacts of climate change.  That is something Catholic Relief Services does every day. Our programming reflects a commitment to caring for all of God's creation, and supporting people in their efforts to build a better life.

In 2016, we brought you stories from all over the world of people struggling with the effects of climate change. From the rising sea levels in Bangladesh to the devastating droughts of Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, we showed you how people are having to adapt to their changing surroundings. In some cases, this involves leaving home and migrating in search of better opportunities. In Bolivia, we introduced you to fishermen who lost their source of income when a major lake dried up. We also gave you a glimpse into the life of a Guatemalan coffee farmer who has watched his crops suffer from disease that is heavily dependent on the changing climate. At times, these stories are sad, but they also contain hope and the spirit of creating something better together.

Just because the calendar will say 2017, it doesn't mean climate change will go away. CRS will continue bringing you these stories of our changing world, and introducing you to the resilient people we are proud to serve every day.





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