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Where Would the Wise Men Shop?

Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS

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The Magi brought gifts both highly valued and richly symbolic to the Holy Family. The gold, frankincense and myrrh were worthy of royalty, and they held deep meaning for the newborn King.

Fair trade coffee
Photo courtesy of Equal Exchange
CRS Ethical Trade also blends quality and meaning. Gifts from our partners Serrv and Equal Exchange make a difference by protecting workers’ rights throughout the world.

When you choose CRS Ethical Trade, you’re giving both to the gift recipient—and to the artisans and farmers who produced your gift. CRS Ethical Trade gifts are a meaningful expression of our connection to the hands that produced the gifts.

Equal Exchange offers ethically traded organic coffee, cocoa, tea and a variety of foods—including fruits, nuts and olive oil. Each purchase is a commitment to more just, equitable and sustainable trade.

Serrv’s apparel, jewelry, kitchen accessories and décor add beauty and international flavor while assisting disadvantaged workers around the world.

The gifts of the three wise men honored a child born in humble circumstances with gifts befitting a divine King. Your ethical trade gifts support people living humbly—and honor the dignity of the workers who craft them.

Thank you for supporting CRS’ mission to serve our poorest and most vulnerable sisters and brothers.

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