West Africa Region Covid-19 Posters

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As a response to the COVID-19 crisis, Catholic Relief Services/ West Africa Regional Office commissioned these

posters to encourage the adoption of behaviors that prevent the spread of the virus, including handwashing, social distancing, the use of alternative greetings, and other barriers to disease transmission.

These posters, which use expressive, colorful illustrations to convey messages that can be understood by low literacy populations, are intended for both rural and urban communities throughout the region, including in neighborhoods, settlements, and even health care facilities.

The jpeg files are adapted to share via social media, MMS, etc, while the low resolution files are adapted to print for A3 size to post for example at a health center or use for poster presentations with small groups.  High resolution files can be printed on A1 posters and large banners.

If reporting on installation of the posters in the media or outside the agency, please include mention of the artist, El Marto, of El Faso Studio in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

How to Use these Visuals: These visuals are not meant to be just put on a wall. They are intended to be used as visual cues/reminders within suite of RCCE interventions as recommended in the examples below:

  • As visual support in facilitated discussions about good practices vs risk practices
  • As visual support for a campaign
  • A poster such as the one on handwashing (poster 1) can be placed beside a handwashing station (with water and soap) or on the door of a toilet to serve as a visual cue/reminder to wash hands (i.e. nudge approach)
  • Images from the low resolution package can be shared via MMS or via a social media platform in addition to a short text or a voice message
  • Poster 4 can be used to indicate a hotline number to call if feeling ill (hotline phone number can be added under telephone symbol)
  • Posters or communication pieces in general are more efficient if associated with a service and when depicted behaviors are immediately actionable. So for example the images of people queuing (in poster 2) can be extracted to be used at entrance of a boutique or a public building where people are expected to line up.

For questions, please contact Jean-Philippe Debus, Regional Technical Advisor for Water, Environment, and Sanitation, at [email protected] or Erin Lockley, Program Manager, at [email protected].


Poster 1: Wash hands with water and soap after coughing, blowing nose, and using the toilet; also shows use of hand sanitizer

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Poster 2: Maintain a distance from others

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Poster 3: Use elbow when coughing or sneezing, dispose of the tissue after blowing nose, and avoid touching one’s face

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Poster 4: If you are feeling ill, go to the nearest health center

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Poster 4 English Version: If you are feeling ill, go to the nearest health center

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Poster 5: If you are feeling ill, call the hotline

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Poster 6: How to wear and care for a mask.

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Poster 7: Summary of preventative behaviors

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