U.S. Based Organizations Who Received CRS Funds in 2013

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As we do each year, Catholic Relief Services includes our 990 form for 2013 -

- to allow it to be viewed publicly. The names of the U.S. based organizations to which CRS transferred funds for overseas projects do not appear in our 2013 990 form because the IRS has changed its guidelines, and the form no longer includes this list. “Partner organizations in the implementation of grants by U.S. based organizations for overseas programming” are now listed on Schedule F instead of Schedule I. Schedule F does not show the names of the organizations, only the region and amount of funds transferred.


Despite this change in the IRS guidelines, in the spirit of transparency we are providing the list publicly, even though we are not required to do so.

Do note that CRS has adopted a vetting system that includes consultation with moral theologians and oversight by our Bishop-led board of directors for the transactions, interactions and relationships reflected in this list.