Iraq Family Returns After ISIS Occupation

When you walk into the Shabo home in Bashiqa, a town in the Nineveh Plains of Iraq, you will see fresh paint on the walls, new fixtures in the bathroom and recent electrical work throughout the house. Along with the repairs, there’s also a smoke-damaged air conditioner and exposed wood in the ceiling that still needs plastering—signs of what happened when ISIS fighters occupied their town for 3 years.

Typhoon Haiyan Anniversary: Shelter Success

In the Philippines, early November means Christmas festivities are about to kick into high gear. For the Bretenia family, early November 2013 brought something life-shattering instead. Super Typhoon Haiyan barreled through their community in Palo, destroying homes, jobs and families.

The Bretenias were fortunate to escape with their lives. But their focus rapidly shifted from gratitude to recovery.


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