Refugee Crisis: The Beauty of Serving

Photo courtesy of Natalia Tsoukala/Caritas

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In just the first few months of 2016, more than 150,000 refugees and economic migrants arrived on Greek shores. They had lost everything and arrived in a stressed host country. In government meetings, in media, and on the street, their fates are debated and argued.

In the midst of this emergency, Pope Francis will visit a frontline migrant gateway—the Greek island of Lesbos—in a show of support for refugees.

Throughout the Balkans, CRS and our local partners are providing food, clothing, shelter, medical care; and information, translation, and legal services to tens of thousands of those on the move.

In this video, Nikos Voutsinos, chairman of Caritas Athens, talks about the rewards of serving others in their time of greatest need.


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