The Impact of Climate Change on Education: Pamhy's Story

Photo by Elie Gardner for CRS

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Over the last decade, Zimbabwe has experienced a number of economic, environmental and political stresses. Poverty, food insecurity, malnutrition and environmental degradation are serious concerns in Zimbabwe, and will continue to be challenges because of the effects of climate change.

Like many parts of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe was hard-hit by the effects of El Nino. The most recent rainfall season was the driest in the last 35 years. About 2.8 million people—30% of the rural population—don't have enough food.

The drought and climate change have affected all aspects of life in Zimbabwe: power supply, agriculture and employment.  But the drought has also touched children and their ability to get an education. With 48% of the population younger than 18, the impact has been particularly high on kids. Around 1.4 million children are impacted in the 10 worst drought affected districts in Zimbabwe. In schools, authorities are observing declining attendance and concentration levels.

Pamhy Maranga is no exception. Her family, who lives in a rural area, lost many crops in the drought. They are struggling to survive. Still, education is a priority for Pamhy.  This is her story.





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