Hispanics Around The World

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Hispanics, heirs of the faith and the call to serve

It is crucial for CRS to highlight the efforts and achievements of the Hispanic community in the United States and elsewhere, as Hispanics around the world have the potential to make a difference. Therefore, we created profiles of our Hispanic staff so that you can learn about their work and motivation to be pillars in the development of their culture and faith. Their contribution to CRS’ mission is invaluable to us!

Get to know our colleagues more in depth, the Hispanics around the world who inspire us each day:


Iván Palma

“I don't remember my father explaining to me why he did what he did, but I saw him do it. I saw it in his eyes, I saw it in his smile. I saw how he really enjoyed being of help to someone else ... I could say that I owe the inspiration of this career to my father, who taught me by example that we can all collaborate” ...



María Isabel Barboza

For Mari, working at CRS transforms us into heralds of the Good News. Announce change, for a more just world for all, with dignified lives in every corner of the world.” We are really being the arms and legs of Christ.” she says she proudly ...



Ana Gloria Rivas-Vazquez

“We Hispanics are very generous people. I would say that almost all Hispanic families have that sense of extending a helping hand.” Expresses Ana Gloria with pride. Hispanic Catholics represent half of the Catholics in the United States and we are also the most supportive and understanding of the situations in their countries.



Haydée Díaz

“I don't believe God wants some people to go to bed at night without eating, not knowing how to provide a plate of food for their children. God wants us to live in a world where we all have the right to food, to education, to live in a decent home, to have a decent job.” With this mission so clear and faith in the forefront, it is no surprise that Haydée made it to Uganda ...



Carla Fajardo

“Sometimes you find people who tell you ‘but you won't be able to change the world’. Probably not, but I can make a difference.” Carla has met CRS time and time again and has always stayed, because she deeply shares the mission to serve. As the only Latina country representative, for Carla the responsibility is great, but she knows ...



Isabel Aguilar

“For me, life takes on full meaning depending on whether you can live consistently with your values and your principles. Fulfill your mission.” Isabel defines herself in four key words: woman, Guatemalan, mother and peacemaker. Each of these words contains a universe. To say “woman” in Guatemala is to say gender violence present in all aspects of life ...



Andrés Gómez

“As Hispanics, we understand the reality of Latin America; we come from countries where there is great need; we have seen the face of extreme poverty. But I also believe that we are a very caring and compassionate community. We have a connection that is very focused on helping others because our faith asks us to do so, it calls us to do something.”



Carla Ortíz

“Having the opportunity to influence globally is like a personal mission. A call from God.” Sometimes it seems that God has a plan, he allows us to endure trials that transform us into more compassionate people and capable of loving others. As Hispanics in the United States, we have a strong voice to tell our own stories and experiences.



María Arroyo

“It is a great honor to be able to say: ‘This is the work of our Church’.” María invites us to move hearts and people respond. We are already making an impact. That impact that begins with ourselves with the memory of who we are and where we come from saying: “I remember, and yes, I know what it is like to need, to want a change and a transformation to have other opportunities. Never forget where we come from.”


Attention Hispanics around the world!

We are Hispanic and our roots exude generosity, which is the heart of our heritage. Pride and faith are the hallmarks of our identity. A deep faith that calls us to serve and a proud solidarity that aims of seeing all Hispanics excel, with a future and moving forward.

As Hispanic Catholics, our faith knows no bounds and is based on facts that build social justice, respect human dignity and maximize the potential of communities most in need. In the same way as our Hispanic staff, you too can do something for those who need us most. Discover the positive impact that we can make together as Hispanics and what makes us unique.