Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month

Photo by Michael Cirlos for CRS

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Faith, family and fiesta are part of our heritage!

Our faith knows no bounds and our family is everything.

We are a joyful people, and our celebrations are the expression of that joy.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Catholic Relief Services joins the celebration, paying tribute to the contributions three incredible Latinos have made to our society through music, cuisine and journalism.

We invite you to be inspired by their stories. Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

Faith, Family & Fiesta

A Mexican family with amazing musical talent, a Puerto Rican nun with an incomparable flair for cooking and a Peruvian immigrant with remarkable perseverance. They are all Latinos making a difference in our community. Learn about their stories of faith, family and fiesta this Hispanic Heritage Month.

Catholic Relief Services serves the families and communities that need it most in the countries of Hispanic heritage.