Help CRS Respond to Emergencies

Photo by Jake Lyell for CRS

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With more than 75 years experience delivering humanitarian assistance throughout the world, CRS has a strong background in emergency preparedness and response. We work directly with affected communities and local partners to help communities build back better.

Your gift helps rush humanitarian aid and emergency relief to immediate and ongoing crises around the world.

Please donate to help survivors of these emergencies.


Help Families Fleeing the Conflict-Torn Middle East

Conflicts in Syria and Iraq have forced millions of people to flee to neighboring countries or to other locations within their own countries.


Crisis in Ukraine

The ongoing violence has forced more than 1.3 million of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters to flee their homes. Give today to help us respond to this humanitarian crisis.


Massive Earthquake in Nepal

Nepal earthquake survivors

Catholic Relief Services, the Caritas network and Caritas Nepal has rushed tarps, sleeping mats, blankets, hygiene kits and water treatment tablets to families in Gorkha district. Photo by Jennifer Hardy/CRS

In April and May 2015, earthquakes and aftershocks devastated Nepal, killing more than 8,600 people and damaging or destroying more than 700,000 homes. Help us respond. 


South Sudan Emergency

War in South Sudan has disrupted farming and displaced 1.5 million people. Provide emergency relief today.


Prepare for Emergencies

Give to our general emergency fund, and help us train and prepare communities to respond immediately when disaster strikes.