Help for Colombian Refugees in Ecuador

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According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, today there are more than 65 million people displaced.

Ecuador hosts the largest number of refugees in Latin America. Most are Colombians who fled the armed conflict that began in their country in the 1960s.

In partnership with the Scalabrini Mission, Catholic Relief Services works with Colombian refugees and representatives of the communities where they resettle. CRS supports the mission with projects that provide critical humanitarian, psychological, social and legal aid, as well as livelihoods support in five provinces on the Colombian-Ecuadorian border.

The Scalabrini Mission has been in Ecuador for 23 years and a partner with CRS for 8 years. We work with Colombian refugees in 5 provinces of Ecuador, serving about 1,700 families—8,000 people—annually. Photo courtesy of Ruben Andrade

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