Faces of Families Caught in the Refugee Crisis

Photo by Andrew McConnell for CRS

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This is the story of refugee families and how circumstances beyond their control put them on an unimaginably arduous journey. Many of their faces show the strain of their current situation. But others reflect hope and resilience.

Over the past 4 years, Catholic Relief Services has worked with our Catholic Church partners across the Middle East to provide emergency relief to hundreds of thousands of war-affected Syrians.

More recently, CRS scaled up our response to the European refugee crisis in the Balkans. Since the summer of 2015, we’ve served more than 70,000 people, primarily in Greece, Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia.

The crisis in Syria is one of the greatest humanitarian crises today. Please keep these families and all refugees in your thoughts and prayers, and give generously if you are able.

You can become a voice for refugees. Urge Congress to provide vital assistance for refugees and support strong U.S. leadership to end the war in Syria.

Millions of refugee families are in critical need of the most basic essentials: food, shelter, medical assistance, and education and trauma counseling for their children. Photo by Andrew McConnell for CRS