El Nino and Ethiopia: Year of Extremes?

Photo by Nancy McNally/CRS

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Ethiopia faces its worst drought in 50 years. Following a dry 2015, the effects of climate change and El Nino continue to include a devastating lack of water that could last for much of 2016.

More than 10 million people in Ethiopia face chronic hunger, but that number is expected to rise as families run out of options.



Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has ramped up our response to meet some of the immediate needs. In collaboration with our partners on the ground and the Ethiopian government, we currently provide emergency food aid to 2.2 million people and hope to increase that number to 2.7 million.

Just Released: El Nino and Its Human Toll: Policy Brief

CRS also works with communities in some of the most affected areas to make themselves more resilient to climate change. We do that by using different agriculture methods and seeds, establishing sustainable water catchment and storage systems, and pooling resources to prepare for changing weather patterns. As the drought and resulting food shortages affect more and more people, CRS calls on the U.S. government to increase its humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia.


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