A Day in the Life

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Cristian Leonardo Gómez is a young community leader in La Paz, Honduras, where he trained with the CRS RAÍCES project. 

Helping farmers get the most of limited rainfall is a central focus of the project funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance and implemented by Catholic Relief Services and our local partners. RAÍCES strengthens the resilience of drought-affected families in Honduras, helping them to reduce and manage drought-related risks.

Join Cristian for a day of his life in Honduras. 


Cristian wakes early, ready to face what the day will bring. His first stop: the water irrigation system.


Cristian meets with technician Danilo Bulmes at a water harvesting cistern in La Paz.

Cristian says: “Great changes have happened with the RAÍCES project. Before, we brought the water from the fountain and irrigated with sprinklers. This was a more expensive and more water was used. Now, with drip irrigation we use less water and we water more crops.”

Next stop: the grain parcel.


Cristian uses machinery donated to the project to process feed for the community’s livestock. Access to this machinery has enabled Cristian and other farmers to start their own businesses in the community.

“People come to me to buy food for their animals since we are working with that too. The community appreciates having this resource nearby and having access to this service has helped many people.”

Next stop: Cristian’s favorite part of the day.


Here is where Cristian’s passion lies. Cristian explains his dream was always to care for animals, but he lacked the economic stability to pay for a career. Training from RAÍCES gave him the opportunity to become a veterinary technician.

“We have learned many things in the training modules—the workshops on animal health—since here there are many problems with animal diseases. And, yes, I really liked this part—to be able to know what the animal needs, what medicines and how to apply them. This has helped me personally, and also the community as well, he says.”


heading home at the end of a long and productive day

Tired at the end of a long and productive day, Cristian heads home, ready for what tomorrow brings.


Across Honduras, Cristian and farmers like him are creating change one day at a time in their homes and communities.


The RAÍCES project has delivered humanitarian aid to Honduran families in their most critical moments. Across the departments of La Paz, Intibucá and Lempira, 4,490 families in 14 municipalities have benefitted from the project, averting a humanitarian crisis in many Honduran homes.

All photos by Oscar Leiva/Silverlight for CRS