Catholic Relief Services Responds to ALL Report

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Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has received the American Life League (ALL) Investigative Report on Grants by CRS for the fiscal year 2012 (Issued September 2013) and has carried out a thorough investigation of the information provided. Many of the organizations have been cited in previous reports and no new questions are raised. The relationship and the activities carried out in these grants have been assessed and determined to be appropriate and in conformity with Catholic teaching. CRS has previously responded to these to allegations and our replies are available on our website.

Concerns regarding organizations which have not been cited in previous reports are being assessed based on our review process, which includes oversight by our bishop-led Board of Directors and, when appropriate, external consultation with moral theologians and other Church leaders. Additional concerns were raised regarding one of the organizations cited in the ALL report – JHPIEGO. CRS issued a public statement on our website.

Additionally, there were questions about the The World Social Forum (WSF). WSF is an annual meeting which defines itself as an opened space — plural, diverse, non-governmental and non-partisan — that stimulates the decentralized debate, reflection, proposals building, experiences exchange and alliances among movements and organizations engaged in concrete actions towards a more solidarity, democratic and fair world. The World Social Forum is explicit about not being a representative of all of those who attend and thus does not publish any formal statements on behalf of participants. It tends to meet in January at the same time as the World Economic Forum as an alternative venue. CRS has had modest involvement in the World Social Forum though other Church agencies around the world have been more involved. CRS has no role in the Vatican's Caritas Internationalis' decision to participate in WSF.