Catholic Relief Services and the National Council of Catholic Women

Photo by Oscar Leiva/Silverlight

A Partnership of Support

The National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW) Since 1946, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and NCCW have worked together to support programs that empower women to improve their health, income and education in order to provide a better life for their families and children. CRS and NCCW have collaborated through Works of Peace and Reconciliation to support two funds—the Madonna Plan and Water for Life—that NCCW members contribute to individually and through community fundraising projects sponsored by their parishes and dioceses.

CRS and NCCW invite all people of goodwill to join them in financial support of these efforts to address global poverty, maternal and child health care, clean water and sanitation, refugee and emergency assistance, microeconomic development, and education.

Madonna Plan

Tanzania mother to be

A mother and her baby participate in a CRS early childhood development project in Tanzania. Photo by Jennifer Lazuta/CRS

Since 1958, the Madonna Plan has supported CRS’ Mother and Child Survival Projects working with pregnant women and women with children under age 5. These projects address healthy behaviors and provide needed health services, such as vaccinations and immunizations to pregnant women and their children, nutrition and hygiene best practices, exclusive breastfeeding and complimentary feeding, as well as sanitation.








Water for Life

The Water for Life program was established in 1978 to make safe and clean water available to women and their families. Historically, the program has funded wells in villages throughout Africa and Latin America. Program activities contribute to the development of stronger communities by establishing irrigation, sanitation systems and basic hygiene education. Today, these funds help create integrated water systems in Ethiopia, Kenya and Honduras.

A Water for Life Discussion Guide is provided for you to download and use in group discussions. This guide complimented with the video above is a good resource for prayer, reflection, and to take action with us!

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