woman and child in Kenya

Bridging Resilience Theory and Practice

Photo by Karen Kasmauski for CRS

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On 20 September in Nairobi, Kenya, Catholic Relief Services and Lutheran World Relief hosted a gathering of experts and practitioners to explore resilience from the perspectives of theory, research and practical application.

Building resilience in regions that experience recurring crises challenges development actors to respond, monitor and innovate based on real-world conditions. The Nairobi event served to further expand the resiliency knowledge base and explore recent programming in and beyond Kenya.

Bridging Resilience Theory and Practice brought together a variety of participants from research to field practitioners to learn, discuss and share experiences in East Africa. Attendees from public, private and NGO sectors listened to presentations, discussed theory and recent field experiences. CRS and LWR presented information on recent projects in Kenya.  

CRS presented resiliency programming through its Farmer to Farmer program, and its experience in better understanding and assessing resilience in its work in the eastern and western regions of Kenya.

LWR presented on its Climate Adapted Farming on Mt. Elgon (CAFÉ) program in Uganda and Kenya, shared programmatic lessons and reported on goals, achievements and evaluations.  

Working sessions explored key resilience issues and looked at ways to strengthen regional networks to support resiliency programming.

For more information contact in Kenya Gabriel Mbokothe [email protected]  or Peter Mureithi [email protected]; and at CRS Headquarters Maria Veronica Gottret [email protected]