Photo by Karen Kasmauski for CRS

Prayers and General Intercessions for Current Emergencies

Photo by Karen Kasmauski for CRS

Use these prayers and general intercessions in your liturgies and prayer groups to pray on behalf of those threatened by current emergencies around the globe, and to draw us all closer in solidarity with the vulnerable.



General Intercessions

Middle East Migrant Crisis

(More information about our work with Syrian refugees.)

(More information about our work in Iraq.)

Prayer for Peace in Syria

A prayer for peace in Syria, where years of civil war have left hundreds of thousands killed, devastated the country's infrastructure, and driven much of the populace into exile.

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We Cry Out: A Prayer for Iraq

A prayer for Iraq, where terrorist factions have oppressed minorities and driven people far from their homes.

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General Intercessions for Peace in Syria

Use these intercessions in your liturgies and prayer groups to join in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Syria in offering our petitions to God.

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General Intercessions for Peace in Iraq

We invite you to join with us and the Church in offering up these petitions for peace in Iraq in your communities.

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Rohingya Refugee Crisis

(More information about the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh and Myanmar.)


A Moment for Grace

A prayer for protection for refugees as well as for personal transformation as we face the needs of refugees everywhere.

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General Intercessions for Refugees

Share and use these general intercessions with your faith communities, and so grow in solidarity with refugees, connecting with them in prayer as the search for safety and hope.

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Yemen Cholera Emergency

(More information about the response to the cholera outbreak in Yemen.)


The Hands of Christ the Healer

A prayer beseeching God to empower us as healers, as the Lord entreats us to be in Matthew 10:8.

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Central African Republic Crisis

(More information about the struggle for peace and reconciliation in The Central African Republic.)


To Live Side by Side: A Prayer for the Central African Republic

A prayer that peace may reign in the Central African Republic, reconciling neighbors and helping their nation prosper.

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Africa Hunger Crisis

(More information about the threat of famine in East Africa.)

(More information about our work in Ethiopia.)

Prayer for the Hungry: A Mealtime Prayer (Bilingual)

As we sit down to eat, and we recognize the grace of God's blessing, we also remember those in Africa and everywhere who are still hungry, and pray that God's blessing be mulitplied, that none of our brothers and sisters again known the pain of hunger.

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Send Your Living Water: A Prayer for Those Facing Drought

More than 15 million people are expected to face extreme food shortages in the coming months. Drought has devastated harvests causing loss of livestock and seed shortages, and increasing the food crisis daily. Join us in praying for successful relief for Ethiopians, the blessing of water, and successful harvests to follow.

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General Intercessions for Those Experiencing Drought and Food Crisis (Bilingual)

Share and use these general intercessions with your faith communities, that waters bless those who've known too many dry seasons, that returning harvests and a compassionate world may provide abundantly for all.  (In English and Spanish.)

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Drought in Ethiopia: General Intercessions

We ask that our Ethiopian sisters and brothers know again the blessing of life-giving waters and know as well the blessing of our outreach.  Please share these intercessions in your liturgies and within your faith communities.

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