Pray for Syria with Pope Francis

Photo courtesy of Natalia Tsoukala/Caritas

Since 2011, Syria's civil war has killed over 400,000 and displaced more than 6.6 million others. Thousands of people have fled to other countries. 

Pope Francis has continued to ask us to pray for peace in Syria. On October 31, he will join in prayer with 10,000 people during an ecumenical event in Sweden. We are all encouraged to pray in solidarity with Pope Francis and the others gathered from wherever we are. 

Catholic Relief Services believes a peaceful solution to the conflict in the region is possible. We continue to pray and advocate for peace, as well as to respond to the needs of refugees who have fled the violence in Syria. 

We invite all whose hearts cry out for Syria to join us and the Holy Father on October 31. In addition to sharing the post at right, we encourage you to use these other additional prayer and educational resources in your faith communities. 

Let us all join together in prayer and action for Syria, because, as the Holy Father says, "That really will be a great example of mercy and love.