Peter Otieno chats with his youngest son, Kepha, 3, while he works in his fields outside their home in Kanyangilo Village, Kenya.

It's a Giving Thing

Photo by Sara A. Fajardo/CRS

Giving is a cornerstone of our faith, and a cornerstone of our salvation.  Sometimes, however, giving to a large organization can leave us somewhat detached from the good that gift really does.  This is why CRS looks to offer ways of giving that connect and engage us:

  • ways for savvy givers to see how their money is being spent;
  • ways to give as a community;
  • ways to organize fundraisers and earn money for the poor while educating others about the good CRS does;
  • ways to make purchases that help lift others out of poverty;
  • ways to give gifts to loved ones that are also gifts to vulnerable persons you may never meet in this world;
  • ways to make small but deep types of gifts part of daily lives, part of our sacramental lives, part of our Christian lives.

CRS Gift Catalog

Put your faith to work and give the gift of hope. Gifts from the Catholic Relief Services Gift Catalog are blessings to our poorest brothers and sisters overseas. They save lives and tell recipients just how much you care.

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Donor Drive

With CRS Donor Drive, you can organize an event that will help feed hungry families, provide health care and clean water in remote villages, help farmers grow better crops, protect orphans and vulnerable children, and allow for rapid response to emergencies.

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SERRV Ethical Trade Online Catalog

Shop Serrv's unique and handcrafted fair trade items from around the world. Fill your home and kitchen with authentic décor, handmade dishware, and stunning handcrafted baskets. Adorn yourself with gorgeous fair trade jewelry, scarves, and bags. Indulge in delicious Divine Chocolate and fair trade snacks and gourmet coffee. Give special fair trade gifts that improve the lives of artisans and farmers worldwide.


CRS celebrates and thanks God for all our generous donors, and invites you to give to help the poorest of the poor at any time, but we're very happy to offer these giving pathways, to give while deepening our solidarity, to give while walking in our faith.