Feed the Hungry: In Ethiopia

Nancy McNally/CRS

In this Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has encouraged us to practice the Corporal Works of Mercy more intentionally. Perhaps one of the most straightforward of these works is: “Feed the hungry.” It is often easy enough to come up with ways of feeding the hungry in our local communities, whether by pitching in at a local soup kitchen or donating to a food pantry. But it can be overwhelming to think about where to begin when we consider how we can “feed the hungry” overseas.

One place we might start is Ethiopia, where ten million Ethiopians are currently facing severe hunger because of prolonged drought. El Niño has affected weather patterns in the region and two failed rainy seasons have resulted in poor harvest. This has not only led to a scarcity of food, but a scarcity of work as well. Many families are forced to sell off what belongings they have to make enough money to buy food that remains in local markets, now out of reach for many as food prices have risen sharply. 

Catholic Relief Services, together with the Church on the ground in Ethiopia and the local government, is addressing the situation with food and other assistance. And we can help. Faith communities in the United States can answer the call to “feed the hungry” in Ethiopia by praying, learning, acting and giving to help families experiencing chronic hunger.  





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    Ethiopia is currently faced with the worst drought in 50 years. Help @CatholicRelief #FeedTheHungry in this #YearOfMercy. 



Here's how your donation can make a difference:*

  • $5: A month’s supply of protein and nutritious corn-soy supplements for pregnant and nursing mothers, and children under 5
  • $20: 110-pound bag of wheat
  • $41: 110-pound bag of rice
  • $10: Monthly ration of wheat or sorghum, beans and cooking oil for one person

       *Examples of the good your donation can do for families in Ethiopia