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Kristin Witte

Coordinator of Catholic Educational Engagement

Kristin Witte serves as the coordinator of Catholic Educational Engagement. She has taught in a Catholic elementary school, worked as a college campus minister, and for the Archdiocese of Baltimore as the Coordinator of Pastoral Care and Social Justice. Having earned three master’s degrees, Kristin completed her Doctorate in Ministry from The Catholic University of America in 2012. Kristin and her husband Andy have been married for 16 years and have a daughter, Kyra Grace.

Fun Fact: Kristin has a profound distaste for anything related to Styrofoam including consistency, texture and the sound it makes when it rubs with other pieces of Styrofoam.


  • National Partnerships with organizations focusing on Elementary Catechesis and Catholic Schools
  • Liaison with Catholic Publishing Houses
  • Coordinating CRS Global High School Program