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CRS in Tajikistan

CRS helps Caritas Tajikistan bring clean water to the people in Khatlon province. Community members are working to construct a new pipeline that will provide 2,000 people clean drinking water in the Yovon district. In addition, Caritas Tajikistan is also collaborating with the government to meet the immediate hygiene, medical, legal, psychosocial and/or livelihoods needs of 70 homeless people per month in the capital of Dushanbe.


People Served: 2,200

Population: 8,468,555

Size: 143,100 sq km, slightly smaller than Wisconsin

Programming Areas

CRS' History in Tajikistan

CRS helped support the establishment of Caritas Tajikistan in 2007. Since then, Caritas has helped thousands of people to secure access to potable water in Khatlon province, while assisting hundreds of homeless persons in the capital of Dushanbe to live safer, healthier, more dignified lives.