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CRS in Swaziland

Swaziland has the world’s highest known HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate, though the infection rate is beginning to stabilize. Our primary focus has been responding to the HIV, AIDS and TB pandemics through funding and strengthening of our partner, the Diocese of Manzini, which incorporates Caritas Swaziland. 


People Served: 44,534 (FY 2014: 7,099 direct; 37,435 indirect)

Population: 1,467,152

Size: 6,704 sq mi; slightly smaller than New Jersey

CRS' History in Swaziland

Catholic Relief Services has been active in Swaziland since 2005 and is currently an outreach office of Zimbabwe. 

Services are implemented through the social development arm of the Church, Caritas Swaziland. We aim to create meaningful impact in the areas of poverty mitigation, HIV, AIDS and TB, plus governance issues. 

Our programming focuses on improving livelihoods of thousands of people within rural areas. Key activities include training in sustainable farming, as well as in positive health, sanitation, and hygiene behaviors, HIV and TB prevention/mitigation, and nutrition. The project also focuses on the establishment of value-chains between markets and producers through business management training and the formation of savings groups to enable families to start businesses and stabilize their incomes.