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CRS in Moldova

When Russian invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, hundreds of thousands of people fled to Moldova to escape the conflict. While many refugees moved on to other countries in Europe,  over 90 thousand stayed, and now Moldova hosts more Ukrainian refugees per capita than any other country. CRS and partner Caritas Moldova work with refugees and the families hosting them to provide shelter, cash assistance, and vouchers for basic needs.

Transforming the lives of a generation of at-risk youth and children: The Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) team in Moldova is working to end the placement of children in residential care institutions and ensuring that family support systems are strengthened. Part of the global CTWWC initiative, Moldova is building a movement in which all children can grow up in safe, nurturing family environments.

Shelter: Along with our partners, CRS works to provide safe, dignified homes for refugees. As people first arrive in Moldova, CRS and Caritas provides beds and hot meals in emergency accommodations centers. For longer-term stays, CRS supports Moldovan families willing to host refugees through cash assistance to those families to pay for utilities and other expenses. CRS also assists Refugees seeking to live independently through support for rent and utilities.

Cash assistance and vouchers: In partnership with UNHCR,  CRS provides cash assistance as well as vouchers for certain stores that can be used to buy food, medicine, or other necessities. The flexibility of cash and vouchers allows families to choose what is best for them and accommodate their individual needs.

Education and Mental health support: CRS and our partners provide psychological first aid training to social workers and humanitarian frontline staff. CRS is also working with partners to deliver extra-curricular activities to support refugee children in a nurturing, supportive, and fun environment where they can have the childhood they deserve.




Population: 2.6 million

Size: 13,068 square miles, slightly larger than the state of Maryland


CRS' History in Moldova

CRS has operated in Moldova since 2004. CRS implements an integrated, multi-sectoral program portfolio of humanitarian and development assistance.