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CRS in Africa

Catholic Relief Services' humanitarian work reaches more than 30 countries in Africa. The continent is home to lush natural and cultural resources as well as great poverty and, in some areas, persistent conflict.

Our Africa staff work in some of the most remote and challenging regions. We employ both international workers and those who were born and raised in the country or region in which we serve. Hiring from within each country enables us to think globally and act locally all over Africa by employing people most familiar with the local residents and customs.

In Africa, and wherever we serve, we strive to enhance human dignity. We empower the people we serve. And we strengthen and support partner organizations to maximize donor impact.

A closer look at our humanitarian work in Africa reveals the full range and scope of our agency’s expertise, experience, innovation and commitment.

In Africa, CRS' work includes three comprehensive areas: disaster relief, health and agriculture. Within those sectors, there are many specific projects and programs: 

  • Food assistance and food security

  • Shelter

  • Peacebuilding

  • Water and sanitation

  • HIV and AIDS and other disease prevention, most recently, Ebola, and CRS’ long-time commitment to fighting malaria

  • Mother and infant health and nutrition

  • Farming and market innovations

  • Information Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D)

  • Civil society and peacebuilding

  • Refugee and displaced persons assistance

CRS is committed to our brothers and sisters in this immense and diverse land. Our supporters and partners have an ardent desire to end abject poverty and chronic hunger. As you explore the African countries in which CRS works, we hope you see the tremendous potential behind the programs, stories and especially the people we’re privileged to serve.