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CRS in Afghanistan


With the current crisis in Afghanistan, parents there are struggling to provide their children with food, clean water and education.


CRS’ humanitarian work in Afghanistan focuses on three primary areas: agriculture, education and disaster response.

In the mountainous region of Afghanistan’s Central Highlands, CRS is building walls and breaking down barriers.  By supporting CRS, you are helping farmers make their land more productive and less vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change.

In a remote village in Afghanistan’s Ghor Province, CRS started a classroom for second graders. Most of the villagers are illiterate, but they know education is the key to their future.

CRS provided humanitarian aid to affected areas in northern Afghanistan after a powerful earthquake. Quick assessment and response are possible for emergencies around the globe at any time thanks to your support and dedication to the world’s most vulnerable. With your help, CRS also prepares communities for emergencies before they happen.

Resilience. Impact. Dedication. You. CRS’ humanitarian work in Afghanistan is just one example where your presence makes a world of difference.


People served: 239,895

Population: 34,124,811

Size: 249,935 sq mi; slightly smaller than Texas

CRS' History in Afghanistan

CRS began supporting development efforts in Afghanistan in 1998 as a member of the Caritas Network, and initiated direct operations in Afghanistan in early 2002. CRS currently works in Herat, Ghor, Bamiyan, Daykundi and Kabul Provinces.