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Fact Sheet | December 15, 2023

CRS Gender Equality Framework

CRS recognizes that gender inequality critically impacts and intersects with trends of poverty, vulnerability and injustice—key areas where CRS seeks transformational change. CRS also knows that if gender roles, norms and dynamics are not considered, projects likely miss opportunities to maximize impact and may even deepen existing gender inequalities. CRS in maximize achievement and impact in our aspirations toward IHD and our agency goal areas when gender inequality is systematically addressed both internally and, in the communities, where we work.
CRS’ IHD framework frames the way CRS approaches work toward gender equality. IHD places the dignity of the human person, female and male, at the center of all that CRS does. It is based on the idea that human development  is holistic and multidimensional—and that personal well-being and true equality can only be achieved in the context of just and peaceful relationships. IHD, when viewed with a gender lens, highlights the importance of addressing the specific needs, vulnerabilities and risks of wo men, men, boys and girls (WMBGs) as well as gender-based inequalities in systems and structures and availability of, and access to, assets.
This brief includes CRS’ Conceptual Framework for Gender Equality and the associated frameworks that accompany it. This is an excerpt from CRS’ Global Gender Strategy 2020 - 2030
The CRS Gender Foundations course on CRS Learns includes a succinct explanation of how IHD can be viewed using a gender lens.