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Guidelines | May 1, 2016

Better Parenting Plus

Community Discussion Guide

The Better Parenting Plus: Community Discussion Guide is intended to facilitate guided discussions and learning by parents, caregivers and others, all of whom are members of SILC (Savings and Internal Lending Communities). The focus is on improving parenting knowledge, attitudes and skills. We believe that better parenting is a lifelong learning process from which all of us can benefit during different times in our lives.


  • Acknowledgements

  • Instructions

  • Parenting Responsibilities

  • Culture and Social Rules

  • Parenting Styles

  • Children's Temperment

  • Stages of Development

  • Changing Needs as Children Grow Older

  • Children with Disabilities

  • Parent-Child Communication

  • Good Listening Skills

  • Offering Praise

  • Setting Limits

  • Why Do Children Misbehave?

  • Good Discipline

  • Raising Teens Can Be Hard

  • Treating Girls and Boys Equally

  • Better Monitoring

  • Good Role Modeling

  • Managing Your Own Emotions

  • Healthy Living through Good Local Nutrition

  • Know Your HIV Status

  • Family Care - Not an "Orphanage"

  • Preventing Child Marriage

  • Pregnancy and Your New Baby

  • Promoting Your Child's Education