Water & Sanitation

8 million

peopled served by CRS water and sanitation work in 2017


health and sanitation projects in 2017


countries hosted CRS water and sanitation projects

About Water and Sanitation

Every day, CRS water projects around the world provide millions of people with access to clean water and improved sanitation.  We support water, sanitation and hygiene services in more than 30 countries, focusing on services for the poorest and most remote communities. Many of our clean water projects are focused on sub-Saharan Africa.

CRS supports WASH programs in coordination with the three CRS strategic priority areas of health, agriculture and emergencies. Our work improves health and well-being, supports emergency preparedness and response efforts, and contributes to the sustainability of water and natural resources. 


Water is life

Azure is empowering communities to manage and strengthen water systems. "Water is life. It's fundamental for social and economic development and human dignity." – Paul Hicks, CRS El Salvador


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