Water & Sanitation

About WASH for Emergencies


In emergency situations, access to clean water and a functioning sanitation infrastructure enables people to stay healthy while they cope during these stressful periods. Our work emphasizes protection of lives and livelihoods. We help to stabilize and restore the health and well-being of communities that are unable to cope with natural or man-made disasters.


  • Unique approach: CRS carries out its emergency water and sanitation services in accordance with established standards. What makes CRS stand out is that the organization responds to all three emergency  phases: rapid response, stabilization and recovery and rehabilitation. 

  • Strict governance: Each level of emergency response is governed by a needs assessment and an analysis of both the CRS country program and the partner’s capacity to act quickly. 

  • Balancing act: Since many countries are at some stage of emergency programming, it is essential to balance a development and emergency response to ensure that support is provided to the most vulnerable populations, while progress is made in meeting specific program goals and targets.