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About Sustainable Growth and Capacity Building

What we do

"Build" is the second level of CRS’ Pathway to Prosperity. Many farmers’ livelihoods are stable but vulnerable. When working with these communities, we use conservation agriculture techniques and territorial value-chain development. The goal is sustainable growth while building stronger production and marketing groups, and creating market links between producers and buyers. Our approach enables farmers to access and manage financial services and improve their use of natural resources.

We also strengthen the capacity of farmers and field agents to help them plan businesses and evaluate profitability. With our experience, farmers can connect better to markets and use technologies that raise yields. To help farmers and field agents succeed, we developed a digital tool kit called ICT4Ag Suite. Our ICT4Ag Suite of ICT tools facilitates training, business planning, and monitoring and evaluation, making it easier for farmers to grow their businesses.



  • Territorial approach to value-chain development: We work with farmers to identify and develop products that have potential for local, regional and national markets. We emphasize improving farmers’ production and market opportunities, but we work to improve the entire value chain so it will function more efficiently for all stakeholders. This process increases production, strengthens services for business development, improves postharvest utilization and builds better market engagement.
  • Conservation agriculture: In response to global climate change, we help farmers learn techniques for conservation agriculture, which is the foundation of climate-smart agriculture. Techniques include using cover crops, planting with green manure and “no till” practices, conserving water and using native varieties of crops to manage pests. These approaches increase productivity, decrease costs and improve soil fertility, all of which strengthens resilience.
  • Capacity building:
    • SMART Skills (Skills for Marketing & Rural Transformation)
    • ICT tools for capacity strengthening: We have developed the ICT4Ag Suite of ICT tools to facilitate large-scale capacity strengthening. The ICT4Ag Suite has four primary features to meet the needs of farmers, field agents and project managers:
      • Map & Track for implementation and M&E
      • Business Planner
      • Farmer Feedback