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About Quality


CRS aims to improve the quality of education so that it is relevant to the local context and children’s background, inclusive and responsive to the diverse needs of each learner, and effective in providing children with skills and knowledge to lead healthy, productive lives.

Many of our education programs focus on early grade reading and math instruction as a strategy to build strong foundations for success in later grades.  To accomplish this, we work with a wide range of partners – schools, Catholic and other faith-based agencies, non-governmental organizations, ministries of education at the local and national levels, United Nations agencies and others – to address issues at the home, school and policy levels. 



  • Effective professional training: Training teachers and developing educational materials are critical in improving the quality at school. CRS has worked with teachers extensively to improve their skills and class management techniques, such as developing lesson plans and assessment strategies.

  • Student-focused materials: CRS promotes child-centered and active-teaching methodologies to enhance children’s interest and learning. CRS tailors training sessions and educational materials to the local context and to children’s special characteristics. For example, CRS provides language training so that teachers can teach literary skills in their students’ first language.