About Maternal and Child Health Programs


Catholic Relief Services works to prevent and treat the leading causes of maternal and child deaths in developing countries. CRS helps children and their mothers survive by implementing high-impact, evidence-based maternal and child health programs.


  • Engaging households: At the household level, CRS and our partners counsel parents on disease prevention, early detection of danger signs and seeking prompt treatment to avoid preventable deaths. CRS creates a safe environment for active  male involvement to support improved maternal and child health outcomes. 

  • Supporting communities: CRS strengthens community systems in remote areas where health care is frequently inaccessible. We work in partnership with ministries of health and civil society organizations to develop community-based services to provide essential preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care. CRS maternal and child health programs support just and equitable distribution of health resources and the formation of sustainable community-based health networks by building partnerships between community-based organizations and sub-national health systems. 

  • Strengthening health systems: Well-run health facilities are critical for saving women and children’s lives. CRS works with a wide range of partners to strengthen health systems in developing countries to improve maternal and child health outcomes. Health workers and facility staff members receive guidance and training in managing health operations to provide quality care.