International SBCC Summit

Photo by Sam Phelps for CRS

Social & Behavior Change at CRS

CRS designs and implements participant-led social behavior change interventions as an integral part of CRS programming, across all sectors. We recognize that the ‘how’ is just as important as the ‘what’ we do—that technical excellence means little without collaborative relationships that drive positive change over time.

Working alongside faith-based organizations, national government agencies, local civil society organizations, and public and private donors, CRS strives to create adaptive programming informed by data and ever-evolving socio-ecological factors. We support households and communities to catalyze change, allowing for lasting, sustainable impact.

Here at the Summit...

Come join us in discussion! Our presenters and facilitators are looking forward to sharing their experiences and learning from yours. Here is a list of the people we have presenting, the topic, and when you can plan to attend.

CRS Summit Presentations

Egyptian couple sitting holding hands
9:15 AM - 10:30 AM at Karam 1

Masculinity and Male Engagement

EGYPT: Engaged Fathers, Happier Families
Oral Presentation

Masculinity and Male Engagement: Harnessing Male Engagement for Transformational Gender Behavior Change in Upper Egypt

There is compelling evidence from gender interventions in Upper Egypt that engaging men is critical to transform gender inequities. The session discusses the comprehensive strategy implemented to utilize Social and Behavior Change (SBC) to inspire men in Upper Egypt to alter deeply rooted gender power dynamics within and outside the household unit.

Presenter: Farah Atia, Gender, Peacebuilding and Partnerships Program Manager, CRS Egypt (EMECA)

Nigerian woman giving presentation
9:15 AM - 10:30 AM at Reda 4

Using Digital Approaches to Improve Women's Lives

NIGER: Women Take the Lead
Oral Presentation

Using Digital Approaches to improve Women’s Lives: "Gaba Dey Mata"; A Multisectoral Approach for Helping Women Reach Leadership Positions

Fiction or reality? A multi-sectoral approach that has allowed women to occupy leadership positions in deeply religious and conservative social context. This is a fact. Come and discover how!

Presenter: Aissata Josephine Diori, Gender Technical Advisor, Girma project, CRS Niger

Nigerian woman giving presentation
4:15 PM - 6:15 PM at Bahia (Mogador)

NIGER: Women Take the Lead – Workshop

NIGER: Chaque femme est une Leader – Atelier (Registration Here)
Skills Building Workshop Session • English, Français interpretation skills

The integrated effects of this training with the other elements of the multi-sectoral approach ensured that during its first year of implementation, 289 women (instead of the 75 planned!) became presidents or vice-presidents of their respective structures. This workshop is designed as a mini "training of trainers" of "Every Woman is a Leader.”

Les effets intégrés de cette formation avec les autres éléments de l'approche multisectorielle ont fait en sorte que pendant sa première année de mise en œuvre, 289 femmes (au lieu des 75 prévues !) deviennent présidentes ou vice-présidentes de leurs structures respectives. Cet atelier est conçu comme une mini « formation des formateurs » de « Chaque femme est une leader ». L'approche principale sera l'« apprentissage par l'expérience », qui permettra aux participants d'essayer en première personne les jeux et les exercices typiques de la formation.

Facilitators: Aissata Josephine Diori, Gender Technical Advisor, Girma project / CRS Niger; Valerie Davis STA CRS Baltimore, Virginia Williams SBC TAIII CRS.

Rwandan mother carrying her child in front of farm
9:15 AM - 10:30 AM at Karam 3

Before They're Born: Best Outcomes for Mothers and Babies

RWANDA: Effectiveness of integrated maternal nutrition package on weight in Rwanda
Oral Presentation • English, Français interpretation

Effectiveness of integrated maternal nutrition package on weight in Rwanda

Author: Alemayehu Gebremariam, Chief of Party USAID Integrated Nutrition and ECD Project, CRS Rwanda

Presenter: Yvonne Umurungi, Deputy Chief of Party USAID Integrated Nutrition and ECD Project, CRS Rwanda

Enthiopian neighbors and families sitting in a circle eating a meal.
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM at Poster Space

Helping the Most Vulnerable: Humanitarian Response, Marginalized Populations & Children

ETHIOPIA: Healthier Child Feeding Led by Communities  
Poster Presentation

Community-led Complementary Feeding and Learning Sessions (CCFLS) positively impact young children feeding practices: the experience of Catholic Relief Services in Ethiopia

A 12-day, hands on small group intervention that led to improved child feeding and caring behaviors, achieving weight gain in 85% of participating children in Ethiopia.

Presenter: Mitiku Telilla, Program Manager II, Health & Nutrition, CRS Ethiopia

People celebrating in Madagascar.
4:15 PM - 6:15 PM at Fes 1a

Enabling Communities to Define and Manage their Own Behavior Change Program

MADAGASCAR: Communities in Charge of Change – Workshop (Registration Here
Skills Building Workshop Session

Enabling Communities to Define and Manage their Own Behavior Change Program

Anyone seeking to learn proven methods of inspiring marginalized, non-literate but resilient and resourceful communities to be key actors in their own behavior change should not miss the opportunity this workshop will give. During this workshop, participants will learn some practical activities that can redress imbalances of power and influence in the management of SBCC programs.

Facilitators: Nosy Ranalisolofo, Deputy SBC Lead, CRS Madagascar, Mahomby Mara Tsimotso, Manager, CRS Madagascar, Luke Freeman, SBC Lead, Maharo

Man holding 3 ears of corn.
9:15 AM - 10:30 AM at Karam 1

Communication for Climate Action

CENTRAL AMERICA: Farmers Addressing Climate Change 
Panel Presentation • English, Español, Français, عربي interpretation

With Our Feet on the Soil: Reaching farmers with proven practices to address the climate crisis in Central America

The Agua y Suelo para Agricultura (ASA) / Water Smart Agriculture project used a Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) multi-media campaign to encourage the adoption of proven sustainable, climate-smart farming practices in Nicaragu, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. The campaign has used radio, social media and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) along with various in-person training to engage farmers with relevant content to improve soil, manage water and secure their livelihoods.

Presenters: Margarita Marroquin, Regional Manager, ASA Communications, CRS El Salvador (LACRO), Graciela Leal, PCI Media

People celebrating in Madagascar.
4:15 PM - 4:45 PM at Karam 3

Shifting the Paradigm

MADAGASCAR: How project participants are planning and managing their 5-year, $45M behavior change program
Comm Talk • English, Français interpretation

This talk tells the story of how participants in a 45 million USD food security program set the agenda for their behavior change program: choosing the interventions they wanted, setting the steps to behavior change, and monitoring the results of their efforts. It is rare that participants are empowered to take such control of a program and this talk shows how they achieved this despite being marginalized, non-literate, and accustomed to three decades of humanitarian interventions that have provided them with food but have robbed them of choice and agency.

Speaker: Luke Freeman, SBC Lead, Maharo

Meet With Us!

CRS has over 30 staff who will be participating in the SBCC Summit this year. Please come find us, ping us on the Summit app, or ask provocative questions at one of our presentations. We can’t wait to connect with you, virtually and in person! Contact us at [email protected].

Myron Meche

Amy Ellis, PhD MHS

Senior Technical Advisor, Social & Behavior Change

Dr. Amy Ellis is a public health and social behavior change expert with over 20 years of experience as a technical advisor and researcher working throughout Africa and Asia. She currently leads CRS’ social and behavior change work, and is particularly focused on more deeply integrating SBC throughout all of CRS’ programmatic sectors.Amy’s original passion was for improving maternal and child health, but she is now also very interested in applying behavioral insights to issues of climate change and conservation.

Myron Meche

Meredith Stakem

Technical Advisor, Community Health & Social Behavior Change

Meredith Stakem has over 15 years of experience designing, managing and advising health programs in Africa and the Caribbean. As technical advisor for Community Health and Social Behavior Change, Meredith shares best practices, promotes SBC integration and innovation, and supports the design and implementation of high-quality SBC in community health programs worldwide. Meredith holds a Master of Health Sciences in International Health from Johns Hopkins and an MA in International Development from George Washington University. She is based in Baltimore, Maryland, and when she’s not working, you can usually find her swimming.

Myron Meche

Virginia Williams

Technical Advisor III, Social & Behavior Change

An accomplished social behavior change practitioner, Virginia works hand in hand with communities to find innovative and engaging ways to affect positive norms and healthy behaviors that are sustained over time. She co-designs solutions that are rooted in research and tailored to local culture, maximizing local arts and topic expertise to ensure stewardship and investment in change. She is passionate about the process of SBC, helping CRS develop a modular approach to SBC project design that can be modified for all sectors. Virginia holds Master’s in Communication from American University. She’s worked throughout Africa, Latin America, Central Asia, and South Asia in multiple sectors, and is happy to be back in Morocco, her Peace Corps home, for the SBC Summit!

Additional Samping of CRS Work...

We believe in the spirit of collaboration and shared learning at CRS. Here are just a few of the resources and tools that our Regional Technical Advisors and SBC Leads think have been most helpful in their work in SBC. We hope you enjoy them, and will feel free to offer feedback on ways to improve them.

People holding hands dancing

Behind The Photo...

A theatrical piece and dance performance at half time during a soccer match organized as part of a social cohesion event for the CRS 'Ita na Ita' or ‘People to People’ project in Mbaiki, Central African Republic on September 14, 2019. Supported by USAID and partners, events such as these bring together diverse members from different faith groups in Mbaiki in an attempt to reunify the community after the inter-religious violence that destabilized the country from 2014.

Photo by Sam Phelps for CRS.

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