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About Gender


We believe integral human development cannot be achieved without addressing inequalities between women and men, boys and girls. To help our staff understand how to integrate gender in their work, we created a global gender strategy that puts a gender focus at the core of our programming and ensures equitable participation and benefits for all. The strategy defines our agency’s approach to gender issues in our programming, working culture, and organizational and management structures and systems. Our goal is transformational – to generate sustainable and critical change through CRS programs and to deepen our knowledge and best practices as we work toward gender equality and integral human development, an approach that promotes the good of the whole person. 



  • Influence access to sustainable gender inequality solutions: We engage people across civil society and the public and private sectors, and operate at the individual, household, community, national and international levels. We believe strong networks of relationships are necessary to ensure the progress of women and girls is supported and sustained.

  • Reform systems and structures to protect women’s rights: CRS works with women, who are often marginalized by formal political systems and affected by violent conflicts in unique ways. We identify vulnerabilities and risks to the livelihoods of women and girls, and help the most at-risk overcome obstacles. 

  • Increase the availability of assets to women and girls: CRS engages both women and men in strategic response. Our work takes into account the entire community’s needs and strives to benefit everyone, regardless of gender. We believe peacebuilding involves the sacredness and dignity of every person. Our work will create a space in which mutual trust, respect and interdependence are fostered. When all members of a society are heard and respected, peace and justice can flourish.