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About Education for a Culture of Peace


CRS recognizes that education can be a force either for inclusion and peace or for exclusion and conflict. We believe education systems can and should play a positive role in building peace in local communities and larger societies. To promote this, we strive to base all of our education programming on a clear understanding of the local culture and context. We build on local strengths and assets, shared values, religious texts and traditions.



  • Sensitivity: We teach peace in our schools and are cognizant to conflict. We teach life skills that emphasize values, rights, responsibilities and respect for differences. 
  • Relationship building: In our work, we engage a wide range of people, including children and youths, parents, marginalized groups and community members, as well as teachers, administrators and PTA members. Our work incorporates a focus on child rights and social cohesion, open communication and the building of a civil society both inside and outside the classroom.