About Education

Education is at the heart of CRS’ mission. We support communities, local partners and governments in their efforts to ensure that all children–including the most vulnerable and marginalized—have the right to a quality education. Recognizing that education can be a force for either inclusion and acceptance or exclusion and conflict, CRS engages a wide variety of people to ensure that schools play a positive role in building a culture of peace.

CRS has education programs in 35 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.  In fiscal year 2015, CRS invested more than $62 million to make education a part of every child’s life. With this funding, we were able to reach more than 3.5 million children, youth, and adults, thereby improving education in developing countries.

Our education projects encompass a range of activities, including early childhood development, school feeding programs, and primary, secondary, and higher education in both formal and non-formal settings.  CRS is able to have a broad and deep reach through its national and local networks of Catholic organizations and schools, as well as through public and private entities.

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