Partnership & Capacity Strengthening

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About Capacity Strengthening

A deliberate process that improves the ability of an individual, group, organization, network, or system to enhance or develop new knowledge, skills, attitudes (KSAs), systems, and structures needed to function effectively, work towards sustainability, and achieve goals.

CRS defines capacity as the ability of individuals and organizational units to perform functions effectively, efficiently and in a sustainable manner.


Institutional Strengthening 

Helping organizations achieve their goals by developing systems, structures and the environment needed for optimal performance. For example:

  • Program and management quality assurance

  • Organizational design and restructuring

  • Equipment and software purchases and training



Capacity Building

Helping individuals and teams function more effectively by developing new knowledge, skills and attitudes. For example:

  • Training and peer-to-peer learning

  • Compliance and USG regulations

  • On-the-job training



Ongoing coaching and mentoring following program specific interventions in institutional strengthening or capacity building.  For example:

  • Job share and secondment

  • Peer-to-peer learning

  • Program and management quality assurance