Isidro, An Innovative Investment in Agriculture

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Isidro Investments | Harvest impact.

Isidro targets a vital but under-served class of small agricultural enterprises (SMEs), including farmer organizations, seeking investment. These loans are often passed over by commercial lenders that consider them too small and risky.

Providing a blend of technical assistance, business development services and investment funds to support the growth of our clients, Isidro facilitates the scaling of their positive social and environmental impacts.

Quick Facts

Active Investments: 5

Amount Committed to Date: $1 M USD

Illustrative Client Value Chains: Macadamia, Cocoa, Chickpea and Honey.

Farmers Reached Through Active Investments: +2,500

Countries of Operation: Guatemala, Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua

Isidro's Offer

Javier Amado Jiménez Recinos, Legal representative and general manager of Alianza. S. A. speaks with Rafael Merchan, CRS Guatemala Program Manager for Value Chains and Innovation at CRS.

Isidro offers catalytic, risk-tolerant growth capital alongside specialized technical assistance to underserved SMEs with strong business fundamentals, enabling its clients to realize a step-change in their business – creating impact for the company, its stakeholders and the environment in the long-term.

  • Two financial products: 1-year working capital for first time borrowers, and 3-7 year CapEx and/or working capital for more established borrowers.
  • A diversified package of pre and post investment technical assistance that encompasses accounting, business acceleration, commercial linkages, legal, agronomy and climate-smart agriculture.
  • Coaching & mentoring to strengthen social business model and set impact metrics.

Why Isidro?

  • We deliver technical assistance to prepare agricultural enterprises for investment and set them on the road to growth.
  • We bring a wide-reaching network of partners positioned to support our clients as they grow their business.
  • We provide access to agricultural value chain expertise grounded in knowledge of local markets through CRS' field teams and programs.
  • We offer innovative financing products not available in local markets, including flexible collateral requirements and attractive terms.

Isidro's Desired Impacts (2022-2026)

  • 11,000
    Farmers income improved
  • 400
    Rural jobs generated
  • 14,500
    Hectares of land restored

Isidro's Target Client

Isidro strives to go where others don’t, serving early-stage and growing enterprises in rural areas, who struggle to access the credit and technical support they require to thrive.

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Meet Our Clients

Isidro’s SME and farmer organization clients work across diverse value chains and support thousands of smallholder farmers in rural communities across Central America.

Cacao Verapaz
Eco Alianza
Nueva Waslala

Cracking a Tough Nut

Meet Alianza S.A., one of a handful of farmer-run organic macadamia enterprises in the world. With our support, Alianza is building a processing plant so it can produce a higher-value, finished-kernel product and tap into a global market valued at $1.7 billion.

Get Involved

Join us in supporting smallholder agriculture in Central America. Isidro is actively looking for new clients, partners, and donors.

Download the Isidro One Pager that includes important facts and highlights on how Isidro is helping others. Or email us.

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