Private Donors, Partnerships, and Impact Investing

In our partnerships with corporations, we seek opportunities that:

  • Support CRS’ mandate to alleviate poverty
  • Leverage our programming and networks
  • Reinforce a mutual understanding of shared value
  • Develop and support local markets
  • Demonstrate measurable impact and clear metrics
  • Can be replicated and scaled


CRS also collaborates with the private sector on impact investing – the concept that investments can and should generate positive, measurable social and environmental benefits in addition to a financial return. CRS recognizes that the world is facing such huge social and environmental challenges that government funding and philanthropy are insufficient to solve the problems alone. Therefore, partnering with impact investors is an effort to unlock enormous and growing pools of private sector capital to build scalable, sustainable businesses that can help alleviate poverty and better manage our planet’s resources.

To learn more about our partnerships with private foundations, corporations and impact investors, contact [email protected].