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Our holistic approach

CRS uses a holistic approach called integral human development to help people reach their full potential. This long-term, dynamic process facilitates collaboration across civil society and the public and private sectors. It is based on the idea that human development cannot be separated into component parts and that personal well-being can only be achieved in the context of just and peaceful relationships. To promote such transformative and sustainable change, we engage people at every level—individual, family, community, regional, national and international. To help our staff and partners implement our approach, we provide them with a comprehensive user's guide.

Our global network

CRS works with a vast network of partners worldwide to carry out our work. We implement nearly all of our programming in partnership with local organizations. Our first partnership is with the Catholic Church and with local churches around the globe. We also work with a range of other organizations and institutions, including governments, researchers, foundations, businesses, impact investors, and implementing partners of all sizes. All of our partnerships sustain, guide and direct our life-saving and life-enhancing work.

The ability to work within the context of cultural and religious differences further engenders trust among those we serve and the partners with whom we work side by side.

By investing in people and strengthening institutions, we help local organizations lead their own development, increase the impact of joint programming, and produce sustainable solutions.

Learn more about our approach to partnership and find out how you can partner with us.

Our commitment to monitoring and evaluation.