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Carlos Barrio

East Africa Regional Communications Officer

Based in Madrid, Spain.

Carlos is the East Africa Regional Communications Officer for Catholic Relief Services. He is a journalist with long experience in the field of communications for international organizations across different world regions and countries. His main areas of expertise include strategy formulation, development and implementation, communications teams management, targeted campaigns creation, and multimedia storytelling.

Prior to joining CRS in 2022, he spent four years serving as the global communications manager for iMMAP, an international NGO that provides information management support to an array of aid responders, including the United Nations, international NGOs, and national governments. Before that he worked with the International Organization for Migration in Micronesia, with the Young Pioneer Disaster Response in the Philippines, and with the Netherlands Development Organization at the Hague.

Carlos has a Master’s degree in International Relations from Queen Mary University of London, and a bachelor's degree in Media and Journalism. His geographical and professional experience includes countries such as Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Afghanistan, Federated States of Micronesia, Philippines, Indonesia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Colombia.