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Lebanon's Bekaa region is currently home to an estimated 409,000 Syrian refugees, twice the region's native population size. Limited resources and harsh conditions make day to day life difficult. But even in the face of intense winter storms, refugees show incredible resilience. This article by Caritas Internationalis has more:

“We had to work all night sweeping away snow from the roof, our children and women were sleeping underneath”, said Ahmad. In the morning, children continued to clear the roofs and the women cleaned the water coming inside, while the men rested after battling through the night in -6°.

Youngsters, men and women all pulled together to ride out the storm. “A spirit of cooperation helps the refugees stand against the hard living conditions, joining hand in hand, helping each other as a one big family,” said Bruno Atieh.

Read the full article, "Syrian Refugees Battle Winter Storm in Lebanon," on Caritas Internationalis' website.

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