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Here are the top news stories and trends our media team is following for the week of November 7, 2016.


Five Crucial Things to Watch for at the Marrakech Climate Summit

By Emily Gertz on Take Part

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) works with farmers all around the world, and they consistently tell us why climate change matters. This article does a nice job summarizing five things to watch for related to climate change at the world summit in Marrakech. To learn how CRS works to mitigate the effects of climate change, contact Tom Price.

How Employees at The World's Largest Companies Are Assisting Entrepreneurs Across Africa

By Willy Foote on Forbes

This story from Forbes contributor Willy Foote describes how business, marketing and technical professionals from large U.S. companies are helping entrepreneurs in Africa. CRS believes in being a catalyst for enterprise as the way to raise the economic tide, bringing sustained health and a better future to poor communities. Through a newly-established Impact Investment Fund and a USAID-funded program called Farmer-to-Farmer, CRS is helping East African farmers and entrepreneurs to climb the ladder by providing them with volunteers experienced in all aspects of agriculture – from soil to seed to table to market. To learn more about CRS’ Farmer-to-Farmer program, contact Susan Walters

800,000 Guatemala Youths Neither Work Nor Study

By Agencia EFE  

With 800,000 young people unemployed  in Guatemala,  alarms are being sounded by nonprofit organizations about the risk this population can become to society and to themselves as their unemployment becomes permanent. According to the UN, youth in Guatemala are victims of poverty, social exclusion and violence. They struggle to find opportunities to move forward with education, develop professionally and look for space in the workplace. CRS provides youth in rural settings an opporutnity to learn a trade, go back to school and get the life skills necessary for Guatemala’s economy. The program is in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Journalists can speak to Beatriz Afanador about youth unemployment in Central America.


Jim Stipe

Digital and Social Media Manager

Jim Stipe
November 7, 2016

Based in Baltimore, MD

As the digital and social media manager, Jim oversees Catholic Relief Services’ social media channels, shoots photos and video, and uses digital and visual tools for creative storytelling. He also manages the CRS Newswire, which provides a range of information related to poverty and development....More